Epic Cat Fight in the Savannah Is Caught on Camera

A gang of lionesses take on a male lion, teach him a thing or two about respect

Several pictures showing several lionesses ganging up on a male lion and teaching him a thing or two about respect have now gone viral.

By the looks of it, the male lion only approached the females out of sheer curiosity. However, sources say that the latter most likely felt threatened and decided to launch an attack meant to scare off the male lion.

Others say that the lionesses had cubs hiding someplace nearby, and only acted with such fierceness because they wished to keep them safe.

This epic cat fight took plane in the African savannah and, despite the felines' clawing and biting at each other, it seems that both the male lion and the females eventually walked away without having suffered any extensive injuries.

Check out the pictures of this epic cat fight here.

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