“Ephrata” Spelled “Epharta” in Road Sign Mistake

A funny typo on a sign placed on Route 222 in Pennsylvania is grabbing residents' eye

Road sign errors are getting increasingly common these days, enough so make me think that a meme will emerge to poke fun at officials' funny mistakes.

A sign for the town of Ephrata displayed on Route 222 in Pennsylvania features a typo displaying the name as “Epharta.”

Lancaster Online details that the post is still in place near the Denver exit. PennDOT authorities have stated that they have been made aware of the error.

"As many signs as we have in this state, spelling errors are very rare," spokesman Mike Crochunis explains.

However, this is a pretty embarrassing one, and Ephrata Mayor Ralph Mowen agrees. The contractor will be changing said sign, which will amount to anywhere between $800 (€620) and $1,200 (€920).

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