Environmentally Friendly Wallpaper for Healthier Homes

Eco-conscious companies offer a great selection of recyclable, chemical-free wallpapers

At the beginning of a new year, many homeowners feel tempted to redecorate their cribs. Nowadays, design trends can be followed while using sustainable materials, for optimal results.

Changing the wallpaper is always a major first step, improving the aesthetics of our homes and safeguarding our health at the same time, Sierra Club informs.

While most of the common wallpapers commercialized on a large scale by suppliers emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs), there are other safer alternatives with a minimal impact on the environment and our wellbeing.

Traditional wall covering usually involves the presence of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), to prevent moisture degradation and to help us clean the paper in a more efficient manner. However, these benefits are negligible when it comes to the ugly side effects.

PVC releases VOCs, correlated with asthma and other respiratory problems. Also, the old products covering our walls could contain harmful polymers, chemicals, oils, and fungicides.

Under these circumstances, manufacturers have decided to offer greener options, revealing a low amount of VOCs, made of natural fibers. Ferm Living Shop provides a wide series of wallpapers, relying on water-based pigments.

The company uses mostly cellulose and mineral fibers, supplying homes with products that will definitely preserve air quality.

In most of the cases, traditional vinyl-based wallpapers have to be discarded every ten years. Since these items never decompose, they are considered a significant source of pollution.

On the other hand, greener alternatives made of natural fibers can be properly recycled. Most of the eco-conscious manufacturers provide PVC-free products or use materials coming from sustainably managed forests.

Eco-friendly suppliers seem eager to innovate every stage of production to lower their carbon footprint. For a low-carbon delivery, Ferm Living Shop has tested and successfully implemented “slow boat shipping method.”

If you are looking forward to redecorating your home, Wall Paper Collective provides one of the greatest selections of earth-friendly designer wallpaper, meant to please even the pickiest buyers and make our home a healthier place.

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