Environmentalists Ask That Clownfish Be Listed as an Endangered Species

These marine creatures inspired the movie “Finding Nemo,” now need protection

Only recently, the US National Marine Fisheries Service witnessed the filing of a formal petition asking that clownfish be listed as an endangered species, and treated as such.

In case the picture above showing a clownfish going about its business looks familiar, this is probably because this species inspired a rather popular movie: “Finding Nemo.”

Shaye Wolf, presently working with the US Center for Biological Diversity, made a case of how “We risk losing the striking fish that inspired 'Finding Nemo' forever if we don't put the brakes on global warming and ocean acidification.”

Apparently, other coral-dependent fish species are presently also being threatened with extinction.

However, if anything can help get the public involved in on-going conservation projects, then that thing is the possibility of no longer being able to find Nemo regardless of how long and hard we search for it.

As Shaye Wolf further explains, “The longer we wait to provide Endangered Species Act protection and reduce the greenhouse gases harming reef fish and destroying their homes, the harder it’s going to be to save these unique creatures.”

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