Enthusiasts Want Google Apps on Windows Phone, Start Online Petition

They ask for official Drive, Google+ and Google Talk apps for their platform

Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has well over 100,000 applications available for download for its users, yet it lacks software coming from Google themselves.

In some people’s opinion, this has to change, and an online petition to determine Google to bring its popular mobile applications to Microsoft’s operating system has been started.

Windows Phone fans who are also fond of applications coming from the Mountain View-based internet giant are asking for software such as Drive, Google+ and Google Talk to be brought to their platform of choice.

There are many mobile clients available for Windows Phone that offer support for Google services, yet official apps from the company haven’t been released as of yet.

In fact, Google has already said that it does not plan on offering support for Microsoft’s OS with its applications, a move that made a lot of users angry.

The aforementioned petition, which can be seen on this page, stresses exactly on this, suggesting that users should not have to suffer from the fact that the two companies can’t get along.

“There is no denying that Windows Phone is a promising platform, but app providers like Google keeping their apps walled to Android or iOS is not helping the consumers. The rivalry between the vendors is their own and consumers shouldn't be dragged into it,” the petition reads.

“Google has made public statements about not supporting Windows Phone platform, even to an extent of pulling support for the Exchange Activesync protocol. At the end, the consumer suffer.”

“Google will do great service to their users and consumers by offering some products on rival platform, notable Google Apps, Drive, Google+ and Google Talk,” the petition continues.

Around 700 people have already expressed their support for the petition, yet more are needed. Those who would like to see Google apps available on Windows Phone should head over to the aforementioned page and sign it.

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