Enterprise SSD Market Welcomes BiTMICRO's MaxIO

They are designed for PCI Express operation, not SATA or SAS

As far as solid-state drives go, the ones that go inside PCI Express slots are the fastest by far, which is why BiTMICRO's latest product release won't go by unnoticed.

What we have here is the new maxIO PCIe SSD series, currently composed of just one drive.

Eventually, there will be a low profile SSD as well, made of SLC (single-level cell) or MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash chips.

For now, however, IT administrators will have to make do with the full-size model made of eMLC chips.

The capacity can be of up to 4.5 TB. The sequential performance was not revealed, but it is probably of well over 1 GB per second.

The random 4KB performance was provided though: 400,000 IOPS. BiTMICRO's own Quad-Core Talino ASIC processor makes it happen.

No price was given, nor was the time of arrival revealed for the low-profile drive maxIO.

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