English Defence League Website Hacked

The websites of the English Defence League (EDL), a far-right British organization, was defaced by a hacktivist who accused the group of extremism.

The English Defence League is a radical group established in 2009 with a stated goal to stop the spread of Islamism in England.

The organization claims to have thousands of members of different ethnicities and religious beliefs. Their largest demonstration so far managed to attract around 2,000 people.

Often the group's members clash with those of Unite Against Fascism (UAF), an anti-fascist left-wing organization.

The hacker who took credit for the defacement calls himself TriCk or Saywhat and is a member of the TeaMp0isoN crew.

"I am an extremist, i try extremely hard to hack websites to raise awareness of issues, I’m a terrorist, i terrorize websites & servers, But the EDL are extremists too, they try extremely hard to kick Muslims out of the UK, and they are terrorists, they terrorise local Muslim communities & businesses," he wrote on the EDL home page.

The hacker also said that he extracted information about EDL members and leaders, including names, addresses, phone numbers and emails.

"Thers no place for rasict zionist supporting liers like the EDL in england, i have infomarion on the EDL Leadership, the EDL Donators, the customers of EDL Clothing, the forum users and forum staff, the information includes names, addresses, phone numbers, emails etc - All Info will be Leaked soon," he warned.

This is not the first time when EDL had a security issue on its website. Back in December, a hacker compromised the online payment system used by the group's online clothing store.

Such security breaches can be a serious blow to the credibility of any organization encouraging radical beliefs and whose supporters would rather prefer to remain anonymous.

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