Enermax Unleashes 800W and 900W MODU87+ Modular PSUs

Feature the AC cord guard and are meant for the enthusiast market

As some might know, Enermax is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year. As such, it decided, at the start of the year, to host an entire product release campaign throughout the year. Essentially, this means it will unveil high-quality power supplies and whatever other hardware it deals in until it is satisfied. Fortunately, the company doesn't seem completely satisfied with the myriad of items already on sale, which is why it has brought forth yet another high-quality power supply from the MODU 87+ Series.

The MODU87+ series, as its name implies, is a line of high-end power supply units with a high energy efficiency (up to 92%). Enermax has now added what can be seen as the fourth member, whose wattage is of 800W. Like all of its siblings, it is modular, which means end-users, enthusiasts in this case, will only use whatever cables they see fit, thus reducing cable cluttering and, consequently, improving air circulation and, of course, cooling efficiency.

The new MODU87+ is, obviously, 80+ Gold Rated and even features a Twister-bearing 13.9 cm fan. Also, it has four 12V rails. This is already a step up from the 500W, 600W and 700W models, which only come with up to three rails. Furthermore, the newcomer boasts the AC cord guard, which keeps the power cable firmly in place in order to avoid deterioration. Enermax also made a point of using the ever promising Hybrid Capacitor array, composed of solid state capacitors and Japanese electrolytic capacitors.

The Hybrid Capacitor array confers a longer than usual lifespan upon the device, which makes the 800W PSU even better suited for the enthusiast market. The product is priced at 174 Euro and is already up for order in Europe. A stronger, 900W version should show up soon, backed by the same 5-year warranty as its sibling.

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