Enermax Releases New Series of 80Plus Gold Certified PSUs Under the Ecomaster Brand Name

Ecomaster, one of Enermax's brands, has just announced the introduction of a new series of power supply units which feature modular design, for improved cable management, and up to 80Plus Gold certification.

The four models launched in the LEPA range are divided into two series, and are destined to meet the needs of gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Starting with the more powerful LEPA G power supply units, these all feature a modular cable, and are certified by the 80Plus initiative to meet the requirements of the Gold standard.

This means that no matter the situation, the efficiency doesn't drop below 92%, Ecomaster even stating that its LEPA G PSU line is able to achieve a power efficiency of up to 93% in operation.

The series includes three different models, which are rated at 500W, 700W and 900W, all of them carrying quad power rails as well as a 13.9mm fan that features a thermal programmed speed controller to keep the units cool while also providing quiet operation.

The top of the line model is called the G900-MA and is able to deliver up to 75A over its four 12V rails, for a total combined power of 900W.

In addition, the rail that provides power to the CPU is able to deliver 18A output, making it compatible with even the most power hungry CPUs available out there.

The forth member of the LEPA family is the 850W LEPA B unit which delivers a combined output of 750W (62.5A) on the four 12V rails available.

Compared to its older brothers, the B series drops the modular cable connection, the 13.9mm thermal controller fan and the 80Plus Gold certification and settles for a 13.5mm fan and 80 Plus Bronze certification.

The Ecomaster LEPA G PSUs are priced at $119, $159 and $189 while the LEPA B-series 850W unit is listed at $139.

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