Enermax Refashions Best-Selling Case, Ostrog GT Debuts

Since it serves to start the year with something new, so Enermax did just that

In the grand scheme of things, when you are known for much more, it wouldn't do to have nothing on the tray when starting a new year, besides an average collection of PSUs. So Enermax made sure to launch a sure win item too: the Ostrog GT case.

The reason we say Ostrog GT is a sure win is simple: it is an improved version of the Ostrog, which already has the title of best-selling Enermax midi tower of all time.

There are many reasons for why this is the case, and the product page has a very nice list of all of them.

We should still mention the flexible spacious construction though, as well as the expandable cooling system and, for the first time ever, a new optical drive installation system, which lets ODDs be installed simply by pushing them into their sockets. No screws or tools are needed.

Speaking of which, there are three ODD bays and ten for HDDs/SSDs: eight of them for 3.5-inch (divided into two cages) and two for 2.5-inc (a mobile cage).

Ostrog GT is shipping with blue front LED fans and has a price of 89.90 Euro / $89.90 – 119.36 dollars.

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