Enermax Prepares a Series of Fanless PSUs as Well

All of them are 80 Plus Platinum-certified and have thick heatsinks

One would expect a high-end power supply to have an equally high-end fan, but Enermax chose a different mix of qualities when it made its latest collection.

First off, it used special components to ensure current stability and low enough heat generation that there was no need for fans.

The same components ensure high energy efficiency, high enough to earn the PSU the 80 Plus Platinum certification.

Modular cabling is another asset, which means that owners get to install only the wires they need. Very useful for cable routing and internal case ventilation.

CeBIT 2013, in Hannover, Germany, is where the prices of the newcomers (500W and 700W) will probably be released. The show will take place between March 5 and 9 and will include the launches of DreamBass Notebook Cooler and Fulmo ATX cases.

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