Enermax NAXN ADV, an Average 80Plus PSU Series

They should be good enough for most PCs, except the very low and high-end segments

Lots of certifications and praise on the part of regulatory bodies is one way to get products advertised, but sales eventually boil down to quality per Dollar/Euro, which is why Enermax decided that a set of mainstream PSUs was in order.

It is no secret that the mainstream market accounts for the vast majority of product buyers. Otherwise it would not be called “mainstream.”

Enermax still made sure its new PSU range was well endowed though, with 100% flat cables (24pin connector for M/B, PCI-E connectors for initiating graphic cards, and SATA & Molex connectors for peripheral components).

The PSUs, known as NAXN ADV, are an addition, an offshoot really, of the NAXN series released several years ago.

NAXN actually includes low-end PSUs, but the newest additions are mid-range power sources. Quite understandably, the “adv” stands for advanced.

The newcomers have 350W, 450W, 550W and 650W outputs. In all cases, the efficiency is high enough to warrant the 80Plus Bronze rating.

Not even close to 80Plus Silver, Gold or Platinum but, then again, that would have completely ruined the whole point.

The NAXN ADV are going to be expensive enough, for mid-range PC components, even with the Bronze rating, so restraint was warranted here.

DIY enthusiasts can also rejoice because of the ease of installation, owed to the aforementioned 100% flexible flat cable design (lower cable clutter, better in-case airflow).

Furthermore, Enermax tossed in high quality electrolytic capacitors (improved stability) and double ball bearing fans (one for each PSU). The ventilation should keep things nice and mild, heat-wise.

Finally, all Enermax NAXN ADV PSUs have single 12V rail power output and protection circuitry against OVP, SCP, OPP, DC UVP and SIP. Sadly, no prices have been disclosed, but retailers should eventually expose this last piece of information, assuming the hardware maker doesn't do it itself.

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