Enermax CeBIT Exhibition Includes High-End Cooler and Fans

It seems that, even though the string of releases at the Mobile World Congress expo in Barcelona, Spain is only now dying down, IT companies, like Enermax in this case, are already getting ready for CeBIT.

CeBIT is a technological trade show that occurs in spring, every year, and its 2011 edition is not too far off.

Set to take place between March 1 and March 5, the expo will see companies form all around the world gathering in one place and promoting their newest and most popular hardware.

Verily, attendants have already begun to offer press releases about what their portfolios will entail.

One example of this is Cougar, which not long ago announced that it would be showing off not only a PC case, but also an 80Plus Platinum PSU.

Now, Enermax has broken the silence in order to do something similar, only instead of a case and PSU it has a cooler and fans.

One product is a so-called high-end CPU cooler based on the Vortex Generator Flow design and which has three copper heatpipes.

Coupled with a pair of Twister fans, said design should allow for a very high airflow to cool off even more temperamental chips while not making overmuch noise.

The other products set to make their appearance at CeBIT are two T.B. Silence fans, which are intended for enthusiasts.

Basically, they have automatic speed control (via a 4-pin connector) but also manual control and should be on sale soon after the aforementioned show in Hannover.

There is no word on any sort of prices for the fans and cooler, but the latter will supposedly be available in 6 versions, with or without LED fan lights.

All that remains is to see if the company has anything else in store besides them and the ECA5020 and the ECA3230 high-grade PC enclosures.

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