Enermax Also Readies DreamBass Notebook Cooler

It works for any laptop of 15.6 inches diagonal and lower

Enermax will have three main product types on display at the 2013 edition of CeBIT, in Hannover, Germany between March 5 and 9.

One of them is cases, but we've already covered that end by writing about the Fulmo mid-towers.

Now we see another, namely the laptop cooler product category. There will be at least one at the show: DreamBass Cooler.

Then again, it isn't exactly a cooler. While its size and shape do let it easily chill the underside of 15.6-inch or smaller laptops, the product also has a USB sound card and a USB stereo speaker built into it.

Notebooks have their own, true, but they aren't exactly phenomenal, unless the laptop happens to be a high-end gaming model, and sometimes not even then.

The sets of drivers handle lows and mids, while tweeters produce the light sounds. A single USB cable is used for everything.

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