Energy Giant Telvent Claims Chinese Hackers Installed Malware on Its Systems

The same group is believed to be connected to several other high-profile attacks

Telvent Canada Ltd, an organization that’s actively involved in providing software and services for the remote administration of energy industry systems, claims that a group of hackers breached its systems, planted malicious software, and stole trade secrets.

After investigating the incident, experts have concluded that the attackers most likely originate from China. More precisely, it’s believed that the collective is connected to several cyber-espionage campaigns against major organizations from the west, Brian Krebs reports.

In a letter sent to customers after the incident, Telvent revealed that the project files accessed by the cybercriminals were related to OASyS SCADA – a product they had designed for smart grids.

In a later notification sent out to affected parties, the company presented the details of the malicious software utilized by the attackers.

Joe Steward of Dell SecureWorks claims that judging by the applications, this may be the work of a group known as the “Comment Group” – Chinese hackers who were tied to numerous attacks against major organizations in the past.

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