Energy Crisis Solved: Mega Oil Field Found by German Researchers

This field has 200 times more hydrocarbons than there is water on Earth

While some specialists are busy going on and on about an upcoming global energy crisis, a team of researchers working with the Max Planck Institute in Germany have actually tried to solve this issue and have managed to find a mega oil field.

This oil field supposedly contains 200 times more hydrocarbons than there is water on Earth, so just think about how happy the energy industry will be once it gets its hands on it, Oil Price says.

Granted, the fact that this field is located at a distance of about 1,300 light years away (just set your GPS on the Horsehead nebula in the Orion constellation if you want to go check it out) might get in the way of any potential exploration activities, but here's hoping.

On the other hand, environmentalists will be anything but pleased once the oil industry goes one extra mile and starts messing with the outer space as well.

PS: The information in this blog is accurate, and only the observations concerning the oil industry and environmentalists lean on the funny side.

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