EndWeekGame: December 21

Playing Dune, Far Cry 3, Mass Effect 3 and Borderlands 2

Andrei Dumitrescu: This weekend leads right into the Christmas holiday, which means that I could spend up to five full days playing video games, eating junk food and catching up on the best movies of 2012.

I’m not going to do that because I have family in another city I need to visit and that means my gaming time will be severely limited, at least when it comes to computer and console based offerings.

I will play the many social games (interesting to pay attention to) that take place whenever big families come together in time for the holidays and I might also try to play a social title or two just so that I do not feel completely cut off from my hobby.

Mobile titles on phones are also a possibility, but one of the long-term habits I cannot drop is reading during long travels.

During my time at home, 18 hours at the most, I plan to enjoy some Far Cry 3 and Dune with mods.

Andrei Dobra: We here at Softpedia are going on an extended winter holiday weekend, so I'm going to tackle all sorts of games in this period.

First and foremost, like practically any other weekend, I'm jumping into Mass Effect 3's multiplayer mode in order to complete the weekend challenge, in this case Operation Prophecy. I'll also try and complete some other in-game challenges, as I'm now focusing on finishing the Biotic one.

After that, I'll jump back into Borderlands 2 as a few friends have just purchased the game on Steam and they want me to initiate them in the loot-filled first-person shooter. Seeing as how I still have a few low-level characters, I'll certainly have some fun online.

After that, I might finally start my own playthrough of Sleeping Dogs, as I bought it some time ago and still didn't get to play it.

Without a doubt, I'll also try out some other games, but I've yet to decide just what those titles are.

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