Empire Earth Mobile

Available starting October 2005

Vivendi Universal Games Mobile announced today the release of Empire Earth Mobile, the first title in the Empire Earth series for mobile devices.. The new game will be available to consumers across European mobile operators starting October 2005.

Based on the award-winning gameplay of the original PC title, Empire Earth Mobile will allow players to command the past, present and future, while building a civilization across four ages. To succeed, players must balance resource management and conquest across 10 campaign levels.

Empire Earth Mobile features a full combat system combined with rich strategic resource management, providing players with the means to capture and control enemy territory and move forward in time. Each age brings its own challenges, new units and additional complexity. Courage, determination and wits will be needed to become the master of Empire Earth!

Some game features:

- 10 campaign levels with large variety of objectives: capture main enemy building, escort missions, defending a base, etc.

- Real combat system (five combat criteria for 13 different units) combined with a strategic resource management system (four different resources: wood, iron, petroleum and plutonium) to create a rich and unique gameplay experience

- Four ages to conquer: Stone, Middle, Modern and Nano, spanning more than 2,000 years of human civilisation

- Turn-based gameplay mechanism allows the player to choose one of six possible moves via an intuitive graphical interface that allows for 'one button' gameplay

- New gameplay features with each new age: units change appearance, new resources become available, new military units become available, etc.

- Engage in famous historic battles (French vs. English during the Middle Ages)

- Three game modes: Campaign (solo), Skirmish (custom solo), and Multi-player (1 vs. 1 on same handset)

- Three difficulty levels and a full tutorial for easy accessibility.

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