Empathy 3.6.2 Integrates Better with GNOME Online Account

It also includes fixes some issues with the Ubuntu Online Accounts plugin

Empathy 3.6.2 instant messaging client for the GNOME desktop environment, but also used on the Ubuntu operating system, was announced last evening, November 13.

It has been a while since our last announcement for a stable version of Empathy, so we will list here all the fixes and enhancements implemented in the app since version, which improved Live search.

Therefore, Empathy brought fixes for various bugs, among which we can mention bug #681725 related to a sever crash when approving a chat from the contact list, bug #684898 related to the slowness of empathy-chat, bug #685498 related to an accounts database issue, bug #685652 related to some memory leaks, and bug #685663 related to some chat themes issues not using the system font.

On the same day, Empathy was followed by another stable release, Empathy, which fixed some build errors in the Ubuntu Online Accounts plugin.

And now back to today's release, Empathy 3.6.2, which integrates better with the GNOME Online Accounts app and fixes various other annoying bugs, thanks to Debarshi Ray's awesome work.

Among the bugs fixed in Empathy 3.6.2, we can mention support for X-TELEPATHY-PASSWORD on GOA accounts, support for X-GOOGLE-PLATFORM, video input switch issues, certificate creation issues, and some others.

Last but not least, numerous translations were updated for Empathy 3.6.2, including Arabic, French, Traditional Chinese, Hong Kong Chinese, Guam, Comoros, Latvian, German, Estonian, Brazilian Portuguese, and much more.

Empathy 3.6.2 is part of the GNOME 3.6.2 stable maintenance release, which should be available for download later today.

Based on the Telepathy framework, Empathy is an instant messaging software that supports text, video and voice chat, as well as file transfers over lots of different protocols. It is the default IM client for Ubuntu and GNOME.

Download Empathy 3.6.2 sources right now from Softpedia.

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