Emma Watson Laughs Off Wardrobe Malfunction on Letterman

“It happens, I’m still learning,” the actress says about the incident

The latest “Harry Potter” film premiered in London the other day and, on the red carpet, leading actress Emma Watson suffered what is known as a wardrobe malfunction when she adjusted her designer gown and inadvertently showed off her knickers. Appearing on David Letterman, the star laughed off the incident, saying that she was new at red carpet etiquette and still had plenty to learn.

Dressed in a fabulous beige dress with black accents, the British actress sat down on Letterman’s couch to talk “Harry Potter,” her plans for the future and the aforementioned incident. After revealing that she was actually considering moving to the US to go to college – while admitting she had not yet decided on her major since she was still “young and indecisive” – Emma was forced to respond in some way to the wardrobe accident when Letterman showed her a photo of it.

Laughing heartily, the actress admits she was not even aware when that happened, and especially not that the cameras had the time to catch it. Still, although a bit shocked at the photo, Emma has the inspiration to point out the obvious. “At least I am wearing underwear!” the actress tells Letterman before pointing out that she was still young and continuously learning about what to do and what not to do on the red carpet. “This was a small wardrobe malfunction, that happens. I don’t actually remember it happening. I’m still learning, I’m still learning!” Watson stated.

On the occasion of the release of the latest “Harry Potter” film, Letterman is not the only place where loving fans can see and catch up with the 19-year-old actress. As we were also telling you just a few hours back, she is currently doing the media rounds speaking, among others, of how she sees her life and career after she’s done with Hermione, the popular character she plays in the film franchise.

“It’s going to sound dramatic, but I feel like my life as I know it will be over. My whole life has been about Harry Potter and then all of that will shut down and I don’t know what it will be like. When we started, we were so young. I think we probably had to grow up quicker than other children do. We had a lot more responsibility. In that sense it was difficult; there was a lot of pressure. For the first two films I was just getting to grips with being on a film set. I was just like Hermione for those early films – I didn’t need to act that much because I was that little girl.” Emma Watson says of how she started out as Hermione and what it will be like to bid her goodbye.

For the full interview with David Letterman, see the video below.

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