Emma Watson Is the New Face of Lancome

British actress Emma Watson has launched into a new business endeavor, becoming the latest celebrity to endorse Lancome. Emma made the announcement on Twitter, after teasing fans for the past few days.

“A new venture is starting – what can it be? Follow my clues and you will see...” Emma tweeted four days ago.

She continued to drop hints, including a rhyme than hinted of a rose, the symbol of the beauty house.

She also said that Julia Roberts had once held the same position that she would come to occupy, thus offering fans the right clues to point them in the right direction.

“It starts with an L and ends with an E. I’m sure you have guessed the new face of Lancôme is me! :-)” Emma added, putting an end to the guessing games.

Lancome has issued a statement to confirm that she’d been signed as spokesperson, calling her the “icon of a generation” and saying they couldn’t have found a better person for the job.

“Thanks to her charm, romanticism and her incredible modernity, Emma Watson has become the icon of her generation,” Youcef Nabi, Lancome President, says in a statement to People magazine.

“We are delighted by the new collaboration with Emma, who brings a fresh spirit to Lancome,” Nabi adds.

As the celebrity magazine also points out, the collaboration comes just in time, since the actress recently announced that she was taking some time off school to see to pending commitments.

In a post written especially for her fans, Emma told them she would be taking a break from Brown University because she had to fulfill some contractual obligations that did not allow her to focus exclusively on her studies, but insisted she would return to get her degree.

Hours after announcing the new partnership with Lancome, Emma was already in Paris, shooting for the new ads, which are believed to come out in a matter of weeks.

Keep an eye on this space for when they do.

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