Eminem Teases New Photo from “Monster” Video ft. Rihanna

Release date for full video has not been made public yet

Eminem released the “Monster,” a new Rihanna duet included on his album “Marshall Mathers LP2” almost a month ago and, if you liked what you heard, prepare for more because the two are also shooting a video for it.

Above is the first pic from the set of it, posted on his Instagram. We don’t have an official release date but I guess I speak for everybody when I say it should be sooner.

The photo doesn’t reveal that much either: it shows the rapper in a leather jacket, flashing the peace sign while brooding for the camera in that typically-Eminem manner. Meanwhile, Rihanna, arm draped across his back, is holding a cigarette (or a pen, I can't really tell) in the other hand and smiling brightly.

I hope this video has some sort of cabaret theme or motif because Rihanna’s new look would be perfect for it: her new, much darker bob cut is giving her a very French and slightly dangerous vibe.

Even if it doesn’t, the “Monster” video will probably still be great. Judging by how amazing “Love the Way You Lie” was, it’s probably safe to generalize and say that these two make amazing music together – and videos to match.

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