Emerald City Comicon Website Hacked, All Backup Files Deleted

The organizers are working on restoring the website

Unidentified cybercriminals have hacked the official website of Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) – one of the biggest comic book conventions in the US – and deleted all the backup files.

The event’s organizers have told the Seattle Met that they’re in the process of rebuilding the site, but it will take several days.

In a message posted on Facebook a few hours ago, ECCC representatives revealed the fact that their hosting service was hacked. This might indicate that they weren’t the primary target, but a collateral victim of a cyberattack aimed at the hosting company.

Fortunately for those who purchased tickets, the hackers couldn’t have accessed any of their personal or financial details because the information is hosted on Eventbrite, not on ECCC’s website.

Currently, www.emeraldcitycomicon.com redirects visitors to the official ECCC Facebook page.

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