Embarrassing Drunken Walks Ad Raises Awareness About Irresponsible Drinking

Diageo puts drunken people in humiliating situations

An ad by Diageo, maker of some alcoholic beverages such as Smirnoff, Captain Morgan and Guinness shows us what the dangers of irresponsible drinking are.

Instead of going the route of cleverly pointing out that alcohol is bad for us, this commercial stresses the humiliating aspects of getting very drunk in a public place.

It uses characters such as "Nosedive" and "Jellylegs" to illustrate how utterly ridiculous a drunk person trying to hide it can look.

One character falls in the middle of the street and a second one walks off into the bushes and doesn't return.

An electrician falling asleep on an escalator also shows up in the clip, as a reminder that we could be in serious danger after abusing alcohol.

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