Ematic Genesis Prime and FunTab Pro Coated with Liquipel Are Now Water-Resistant

Most child slates today sport protective features, so Ematic has added some too

It’s one thing to give a tablet to a grown-up and quite another to entrust it to a toddler or young child. In all their vivaciousness and enthusiasm, children are more prone to damaging the device, whether they end spilling something on it or dropping it on the ground.

Tablet manufacturer, Ematic has taken this issue very seriously, so it has taken upon itself to enhance the durability of its slates, says AndroidCommunity. As a result, the company has taken two of the most popular kiddie slates it sells today and has covered them in Liquipel, thus making them “watersafe” and capable or resisting “accidental spills and other wet encounters.”

The two tablet models that got the Liquipel treatment are the FunTab Pro and Genesis Prime. The first one is a 7-inch slate running Android 4.1. It comes sporting the Zoodles Kid Mode interface designed especially for children and offering pre-installed apps, educational software and other goodies (like Angry Birds.)

The Genesis Prime is also a 7-inch slate running Android 4.1. This is a Google certified service, meaning that children will have access to the Play Store.

The FunTab Pro priced at $130 / €97 and the Genesis Prime priced at $90 / €67 can both be purchased off Walmart.

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