Ellen DeGeneres Raises Awareness of Password Security – Video

A funny infomercial advertises the Internet Password Minder

Keeping passwords safe is no laughing matter these days. If cybercriminals get their “hands” on them, they can abuse them for all sorts of nasty things, including illegally transferring money from bank accounts.

An amusing infomercial presented on the Ellen DeGeneres’ show advertises a “phone book” (as she calls it) in which people can write down their online passwords without having to worry about security or identity theft.

While some still consider the pen and paper method a safe way to remember passwords, keeping the precious information in a notebook on which “Internet Password Minder” is written is certainly not a good idea.

As Graham Cluley of Sophos highlights, there are plenty of methods that can be used to remember strong passwords and if you aren’t good at remembering things, you can always use a specialized piece of software.

The use of password vaults is also recommended by Twitter’s Director of Security Bob Lord, who revealed last week at HITB that he was trying to convince all new hires to utilize them.

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