Ellen DeGeneres Breaks Bottles on Sofia Vergara’s Head – Video

Ellen interrupts Sofia’s Diet Pepsi commercial, tests her limits in the funniest way

Ellen DeGeneres and Sofia Vergara are good friends but, even better, they’re good friends who like to have fun. Check out the video above to see their latest stunt / promo work on Ellen’s show.

As fans must already know, Sofia Vergara is the face of Diet Pepsi. On her show, Ellen tested her to see whether she could continue reading her lines no matter what.

The “no matter what” part turned out to include smashing bottles on her head (2 to be more precise), loud horns, shirtless male dancers and tiny balls falling from up above.

Clearly, the entire skit is an ad for Diet Pepsi but it’s not like either Ellen or Sofia are trying to hide that. It’s funny nonetheless if only because these two seem to be having a blast from start to finish.


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