Elizabeth Banks Announces Birth of Baby Boy

Actress welcomes second son into the family via gestational surrogate

Elizabeth Banks, whom fans most recently saw in the blockbuster “The Hunger Games,” is a mommy for the second time. The star and husband Max Handelman have welcomed their second child together, as she announces on her official blog.

Banks preceded the announcement with a picture of a blue balloon with the caption “It’s a boy!.”

About 18 months ago, Elizabeth and Max welcomed their first child, a baby boy, via gestational surrogate.

At the time, Banks went into the details of her struggle with infertility and how the experience had brought her and the baby’s surrogate mother closer than she would have ever imagined. She also explained surrogacy was the only option for her.

As it turns out, she’s done it again.

“As 2012 winds down and Thanksgiving approaches, I have much for which to be thankful – personal, professional, and Presidential. However, nothing can match the joy and excitement my husband and I felt when we recently welcomed our second baby boy, Magnus Mitchell Handelman,” Elizabeth writes.

“Magnus joins older brother Felix, thus commencing a decade or more of close hand to hand combat. Like Felix, Magnus was born via gestational surrogate,” the star explains.

She goes on to say that, even though she already knew how the experience would be, it still managed to exceed “all expectations,” by teaching them “a great deal about generosity and gratitude, and established a relationship that will last a lifetime.”

“I am also so very thankful to our family and friends for their support throughout this process, as well as the Center for Surrogate Parenting for helping make all this possible,” the actress also says.

She ends her heartfelt message with a joke about her two boys and the amounts of poop she can’t feel no matter how much she wants to.

Here is her entire post.

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