Elive 1.9.31 Offers Support for Acer Aspire One

USB Live now available

The Elive team announced today yet another unstable release of their Elive Live CD Linux distribution, now at version 1.9.31. Being powered by Debian, Enlightenment E17 and Linux kernel, the new development version of Elive, brings many improvements and bug fixes in various areas. But, the good news is that, among other things, the team introduced full support for the Acer Aspire One netbook. Without further introduction, let's take a closer look at the changes brought by Elive 1.9.31:

· Updated Linux kernel to version (revision 40);

· Added a new software that allows users to create USB bootable sticks with Elive;

· Added support for the Acer Aspire One netbook, even includes a tool to disable the fan in case you don't need it;

· Updated the installer to better detect other installed operating systems and your custom Enlightenment themes, bar and wallpapers are now saved when reinstalling;

· Fixed various bugs in the installer. Also, the upgrade mode now works with a dedicated /home partition;

· Adobe's Flash Player plugin was updated to version;

· The old XMMS was replaced by Audacious, as the default audio player;

· Re-added the Elive Essence, now with new features;

· Updated the console to support more languages, improved characters and smaller fonts;

· Fixed Russian language support.

Elive Linux sports a large number of applications, ranging from office and Internet-related apps, to games and entertainment. With Elive, you can watch movies, listen to your favorite songs or chat with friends. E17, the development version of the Enlightenment window manager that comes with Elive Unstable, is brought to you from CVS, and is updated on a regular basis through Elive's testing repository. If you want to test Elive, it is recommended to use a computer with minimum 128 of RAM and a 300 MHz CPU.

Download Elive 1.9.31 right now from Softpedia. Remember that this is an unstable release and it should not be installed on production machines. It is intended to be used for testing purposes only! You can report bugs to Elive's Bug Tracker.

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