Elite: Dangerous Galaxy Will Have 100 Billion Star Systems

The game will use a complex random system in order to create them

David Braben, the game creator leading the development of Elite: Dangerous, promises that his upcoming space-sim title will include a randomly generated galaxy that will be made up of more than 100 billion unique star systems.

In order to create them all, the team at Frontier working on the game will use a complex random generator which will ensure that the solar systems adhere to the laws of physics and also offer a lot of variety.

Each of the systems can have up to 100 objects inside and players will be able to explore each of them if they want.

The solar system feature will be added after Elite: Dangerous launches.

The developer has also talked about the physics included in Elite: Dangerous.

Braben tells PCGamesN that, “I think in many respects it’s more comparable to Frontier in terms of the way the galaxy works, that sort of thing. But in terms of the way you fly it’s much closer to Elite. We’re going to have Newtonian physics.”

The complexity of the world design will not impede the combat part of the space sim, which will be fast, engaging and adrenaline-filled.

The leader of Frontier adds, “the way that we apply the fly-by-wire layer over the top of makes the combat feel really visceral and seat-of-the-pants, rather than jousting at huge distances.”

Elite: Dangerous will be a full-fledged space-simulation title that gives players all the freedom to get into space and then choose a career, ranging from simple trading to deep space exploration or piracy.

The game will be set in 3300 AD and will feature the Thargoid race.

Funding for Elite: Dangerous has been obtained via Kickstarter and the game is set to launch on the PC during March of next year, with a Mac version also under development.

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