Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Staying on The View, Says Barbara Walters

“The truth is we love Elisabeth” so she’s not going anywhere

We can finally put all those rumors about Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s departure from The View to rest: Barbara Walters herself has issued a statement to Gossip Cop to deny them.

Fans of the ABC talk show must know already that, right after Joy Behar’s announcement that she would not return for another season, word got out that Elisabeth had been fired.

Some voices said that even Barbara was thinking of leaving.

None of that is true.

“There is a particularly false story that is getting picked up about Elisabeth’s alleged departure, saying we don’t approve of her conservative views. The truth is we love Elisabeth. I like her personally, and she’s a wonderful person,” Walters says.

“But beyond that, we value and appreciate her point of view. It’s important to us, because Elisabeth helps give the show perspective and balance. And believe me, she’s tougher than she looks. We have no plans for Elisabeth to leave this show,” she adds.

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