Elisa Lam: 21-Year-Old Canadian Tourist's Body Found in Water Tank

Lam has been spotted acting oddly before vanishing in the Hotel Cecil in LA

Police have uncovered the body of Elisa Lam, a 21-year-old tourist from Canada who has been declared missing at the end of last month.

Her remains have been found in a rooftop water tank at Hotel Cecil in Los Angeles on Tuesday, February 19, writes LA Times. Officer Diane Figueroa of the Los Angeles Police Department confirms that the human parts belong to Lam, in a statement.

Police have used body markings to figure out the identity of the victim. The student traveled from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles on January 26 and she was last spotted on January 31, in the hotel where she was found. CTV News adds that she was staying at the venue, and never checked out.

A maintenance worker uncovered Lam's body while checking one of the hotel’s four water tanks. Clients had filed several complaints about low water pressure, and the employee was sent in to investigate what was causing the blockage.

Police believe the tourist's death is not an accident. Lam would check in with her family on a daily basis before vanishing.

While there is no indication of why she traveled to Los Angeles, she may have just been passing through on her way to Santa Cruz, California, a city located 563 km (350 miles) to the north.

She was last seen by a hotel clerk and a hostess, which described seeing the girl by herself. She wasn't spotted talking to anyone during her final hours.

However, CCTV footage taken in the elevator that night shows the University of British Columbia student acting in an unusual manner.

The two-minute security tape released by the police department features her pressing more than one floor button in the elevator. When it's time for her to leave the elevator, she appears to be in a hurry and looks both ways before exiting.

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