Elin Nordegren Hates Tiger Woods’ New Girlfriend Lindsey Vonn

Ex-wife remains very angry with cheating Tiger, says unconfirmed report

Since Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn confirmed they were an item in March, there’s been a lot of speculation on how his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, feels about the romance. As it turns out, she pretty much hates them both.

A new report in Us Magazine claims that the former model is still very resentful towards Tiger for the way their marriage ended in 2010, in what remains one of the biggest celebrity cheating scandals of recent times.

In fact, an insider says, she hates him so much that she doesn’t want him to be happy, because she considers it’s too soon for him to deserve to be so.

So, she hates his girlfriend as well.

“[She] hates Lindsey Vonn and everything about this romance,” says a spy. “[She’s] angry Tiger even has visitation rights to the kids.”

For the past several weeks at least, there have been countless reports saying that Elin hated that Lindsey got to spend so much time with her kids with the golfer.

Many of them claim that the reason behind this is her conviction that the kids don’t need another woman in their life right now, because stability is what they should get after going through the divorce.

As for how Tiger feels about Elin’s dislike of the new lady in his life, he couldn’t be bothered about it, the same tipster tells the mag.

“He doesn't care about her. He's so egotistical!” says the source.

As it happens, only earlier this week, a report suggested that the initial spark between Tiger and Lindsey might have already fizzled out when he realized that she wasn’t the type to handle a relationship where two children were also involved.

Another unnamed spy told the tabs that she’d caught Tiger’s daughter and son playing dress-up with her clothes, jewelry and makeup and, instead of joining in, “chastised” them.

Disappointed, Tiger reportedly “kicked her out” of the mansion they’d shared.

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