Elfin Skeletons Sell Lethal Pain Relievers

Fairly disturbing creatures were used to advertise Antikamnia pain medication

Antikamnia Chemical Company's disturbing adverting for their early pain medication Antifebrin might actually be implying a subtle warning signal, observers suggest.

Only later after Antifebrin cured the pain of thousands of people was it discovered that what helped people get better might have actually killed them, according to Gizmodo.

Antikamnia (term translated as “opposed to pain”) was using as main ingredient for its drug Acetanilide, a substance not only illegal, but also lethal if not correctly administered, as it stops the oxygen flow into the blood.

The fact was revealed eventually and the company closed.

But before this happened, head-leaders of the company allowed the product to be sold in drugstores to numerous people. There might have been their neighbors, relatives, friends.

Come to think of it, they couldn't tell anyone, but might their conscience have been tortured by the secret? Have they conceived the calendars this way to ring an alarm signal?

(See complete series of calendars here.)

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