Elephant Owners Brought to Court, Accused of Torturing the Animal

Bobby and Moira Roberts allegedly chained Anne, allowed the staff to abuse her

The news just broke that Bobby and Moira Roberts (the owners and managers of the Bobby Roberts Super Circus) were taken to court on account of animal cruelty charges.

More precisely, the couple is accused of having chained Anne, an Asian elephant they were supposed to be looking after.

As well as this, rumor has it that Bobby and Moira Roberts allowed the staff working at said circus to abuse the animal, either by hitting her repeatedly or by using a pitchfork to cause her unnecessary suffering.

Sky News says that the accusations are based on more than just hearsay.

Thus, Helen Law, who is in charge of prosecuting, explains that, back in 2011, green-oriented organization Animal Defenders International succeeded in placing a hidden camera inside Anne's barn, and brought forth noteworthy evidence of the abuses committed against this elephant.

According to Helen Law, the footage shows how Anne spent almost all of her time chained by two legs, and how circus employees did not shy away from hitting her whenever something in her behavior bothered them.

Lastly, Bobby and Moira Roberts failed to make sure the animal received appropriate treatment for its arthritis.

Given the fact that some of the footage shows Bobby Roberts making sure the animal is properly chained and even hitting Anne over her trunk, it seems that this couple does not really stand a chance of claiming that they were ignorant of what was happening.

Anne is now 58 years old and the veterinarians who got to examine her up close explain that she is displaying the classical signs of abuse and distress.

Despite this overwhelming evidence, the couple maintains that the elephant in their care was not in any way harmed, either by them or by their staff.

The trial will last for about five days, and hopefully more information will soon be made available to the general public.

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