Electrocuted Tigress Found in One of India's National Parks

Authorities suspect someone purposely set up a wire trap hoping to kill the animal

This past Sunday, the rangers in charge of looking after the tiger population inhabiting the Bandhavgarh National Park in India came across the carcass of an electrocuted tigress.

Authorities suspect that someone purposely set up a wire trap, and that the 11-KV high-tension line that killed this tigress was intended to make sure the animal would not attack any cattle.

Still, the tigress was found lying next to a dead cow, which can only mean that it stepped on the wire while it was hunting. In other words, the wire did little to help the cow.

According to information provided by the regional power distribution, the incident occurred on Friday, around 3 p.m., Times of India reports.

“It seems an accidental death. More details would be known only after the autopsy,” explained P. K. Shukla, presently working as principal chief conservator of forest.

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