Electricity Fight – Two Artists Battle It Out Using Tesla Coils

The lords of lightning cast their beams during the Belfast Festival

The Belfast Festival at Queens, in Ireland, featured this amazing display of artistic modern warfare. Two performers use tesla coils to create a spectacle of light and color.

The images they manage to create are fascinating – electricity seems to actually dance in the air, be passed from one another and used as a weapon, all at the same time. The show is enough to make every geek bone in your body tingle a bit.

Reddit users identify the performers as the Arcadia group in the UK, who rightfully call themselves “the lords of lightning.” They describe that 4 million volts of raw electricity is harnessed on their every show.

The clip is reminiscent of David Blaine's recent Electrified stunt, in which he sat in the middle of an electric storm generated by seven Tesla coins.

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