Elecom Reveals a Sleek Wireless Mouse with Profile Storage

Genius will have a race on its hands soon enough, as will everyone else

Since the peripheral market isn't going anywhere, Elecom figured it would always be at the top of its game, so it created the M-NV1BRBK Bluetooth mouse.

While it doesn't have too many buttons (five plus a 4-way tilt scroll wheel), it does possess the required memory to store sensitivity and key settings for nine different devices.

The settings can be changed on the fly too, which is good since it can't be too easy to always adjust the sensitivity of the 2,000 dpi infrared sensor.

Gamers might not be completely satisfied with the upper limit, but they will probably be looking for other mice anyway, like these three, from Genius.

Finally, the Elecom M-NV1BRBK uses three AAA batteries that can last for up to 625 days.

No price or availability details provided yet.


Elecom M-NV1BRBK wireless mouse (2 Images)

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