Elder Scrolls Online First-Person Mode Will Not Show Hands or Weapons

Gamers will be able to use it for more immersion in the world

The upcoming Elder Scrolls Online MMO from ZeniMax Online will get a first-person mode, an unusual feature in the genre, in order to give the player a better chance of spotting enemies and dealing with threats that emerge from the world.

But the team has also decided that gamers will see neither their hands nor their weapons when they use first-person view.

Matt Firor, the game director working on The Elder Scrolls Online, tells DigitalSpy that, “We are still working on this system, but as it stands right now, we have first and third-person support, just like in any other Elder Scrolls game. The only difference is that you don’t see your hands and weapons in first-person mode.”

He adds, “The main difference here is that in an online RPG, enemies can spawn in a 360 degree radius around you, especially in PvP. So third-person view mode, if you use it, will give you a far greater ability to see enemies behind you.”

Apparently, those who will learn to use the first-person view effectively will be able to progress quicker in The Elder Scrolls Online and get past the most demanding combat sequences.

Traditionally, single-player titles in the series have been played using a first-person perspective, but many believe that an MMO should focus on the third-person view.

It gives the developers more screen space that can be used to give players information about their surrounding and the skills that they can use, which can also be crucial for survival.

ZeniMax has already revealed that it is trying to redefine the user interface of the MMO genre with its upcoming title.

The Elder Scrolls Online is set to be launched on the PC later during 2013, with Bethesda saying that a closed beta will soon be offered.

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