Einstein Owed His Genius to His Odd Brain Anatomy

Albert Einstein's brain hemispheres were unusually well connected, researchers say

According to a new paper in the journal Brain, Albert Einstein owed at least part of his genius to the fact that his brain anatomy was fairly odd.

Specifically, researchers say that, when compared to the brains of normal people, Einstein's left and right hemispheres were surprisingly well connected to each other. This means that they had an easier time communicating with one another, EurekAlert reports.

By the looks of it, scientists reached the conclusion that Albert Einstein's interhemispheric communication was fairly impressive after studying the anatomy of his corpus callosum, i.e. a large bundle of fibers that connect one brain hemisphere to the other.

When compared to the corpus callosum of both younger and older individuals, Einstein's was found to be different, in the sense that it packed thicker subdivisions.

Specialists theorize that this peculiar brain anatomy must be “blamed” for Einstein's brilliance.

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