Egypt, India and Morocco: Where's The Google Sex?

The residents from these countries are often searching for sex

Google Trends released some pretty interesting statistics concerning the searches including the term 'sex', revealing that Egypt, India and Morocco are the countries which are often using this query on Google. Moreover, Romania, Denmark and Belgium are placed in the top ten while Chennai (India), Delhi (India) and Ankara (Turkey) are the top three cities when it comes to searching for sex on Google. Arabic, Turkish and Polish are the most popular languages used on Google to search for this term. According to Google Trends, Giza, Cairo and Alexandria are the top three Egyptian cities in the 'Google sex top'.

For Romania, Satu Mare, Falticeni, Tirgu Mures and Oradea are the cities seeking for sex on Google but what's more interesting is that Hungarian and English are the first two languages used by Romanians to reach the information.

According to Reuters Canada, "Chile came in first place searching for the word "gay," followed by Mexico and Colombia" while "Germany, Mexico and Austria were world's top three searchers of the word "Hitler" while "Nazi" scored the most hits in Chile, Australia and the United Kingdom."

Another interesting thing comes from the 'Britney Spears' search query which was one of the most popular Google searches in the past. It seems like Britney's popularity was reduced in the recent period since the users from Mexico, Canada and Peru are the ones who search the most using this term.

You might think the data is inaccurate but the folks working for Google Trends sustain the technology works pretty fine although it might contain outdated data. "The data Google Trends produces may contain inaccuracies for a number of reasons, including data-sampling issues and a variety of approximations that Trends makes use of. We hope you find this service interesting and entertaining, but you probably don't want to write your Ph.D. dissertation based on this information," Google states in the Trends FAQ.

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