Edward Snowden's Story to Be Turned into a Movie

Producers of "Classified: The Edward Snowden Story" are looking to crowdfund the film

Ever since the entire NSA scandal began and Edward Snowden revealed his identity as the man behind the leaks, everyone speculated about when a movie would be launched on this topic.

So far, there’s already been a very short film about the circumstances of his visit to Hong Kong.

Well, now a new project is brewing. “Classified: The Edward Snowden Story” is meant to be a biopic telling the story of Snowden’s life starting from when he enlisted in the US army.

The filming is supposed to start early next year and it should be released in September 2014 if everything goes according to plan, via The Pirate Bay.

In this endeavor, the film’s producers are seeking to raise some $1.7 million (€1.25 million) to fund the project in an effort to work outside of Hollywood and thus maintain all creative control.

They say they don’t want to end up with a film such as “The Fifth Estate,” which treats the WikiLeaks scandal and Julian Assange, which was highly criticized by the organization that published Manning’s documents.

As mentioned, they say they’ve already raised half the sum via a selfstarter campaign and product placement, but still need some $866,000 (€640,200) for which they launched a KickStarter campaign.

Asked how they wwould go about the story and if they'd base the script on media reports alone, Travis Doering, the film's producer, said they’d already contacted Snowden’s lawyer and Lon Snowden, the whistleblower’s father, although no response has been received so far.

He also mentions that Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras will be contacted sometime later in development, but didn’t give an exact timeline.

They also have a cast lined up, although it’s just a preliminary list, they said, and it could still change. Kevin Zegers, from the “Mortal Instruments,” is supposed to play Edward Snowden.

Other names in the casting list are Michael Shanks, who is supposed to play Glenn Greenwald and Carmen Aguirre, who will play Laura Poitras.

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