Edward Norton Stars in Two PSAs for WildAid and Save the Elephants

The PSAs are part of the organization’s “Say No to Ivory” campaign

This past September 11, Hollywood sweetheart Edward Norton kept himself busy filming two public service announcements for WildAid and Save the Elephants' “Say No to Ivory” campaign.

The PSAs were shot in New York City, and will soon be shared with the general public.

They are intended to raise awareness of the need to protect the world's remaining elephant population not just by arresting poachers and not letting them kill these animals, but also by curbing the global demand for ivory.

“Reducing the demand for ivory products is essential to the survival of Kenya’s elephants and directly impacts our on the ground community conservation efforts.”

“By strengthening community stability in Kenya and shifting consumer behavior abroad, we can save elephants and improve the lives of Maasai,” Edward Norton said, as cited by Look to the Stars.

“We need to reduce demand for ivory not just to save the elephants, but also to protect African economies and to defund organized crime,” added Peter Knights, the current executive director of WildAid.

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