Edward Furlong Sentenced to Jail for Parole Violation

Former “Terminator” star will spend another 180 days in prison

Edward Furlong was once one of the most talented and promising young actors of his generation, thanks to his role in “Terminator” and the critically acclaimed “American History X.” Now, all he has to look forward to is spending more time behind bars.

In what can’t but be a cautionary tale of the pitfalls of fame at an early age, the actor has been making headlines in recent years for his abusive, violent relationships and the number of times he’s been arrested.

More recently, that happened in January this year.

Just hours ago, a judge has ruled that Furlong must spend more times behind bars for violating his parole.

“Hopefully ‘Terminator 2’ star Edward Furlong is used to the food in jail by now – because the actor was just sentenced to another 180 days behind bars for violating his probation,” TMZ informs.

“Furlong – who's been in and out of jail a slew of times over the past few years – was sentenced Monday in LA Superior Court, stemming from 2 probation violations,” says the same media outlet.

Those would be “using force against his ex-GF Monica Keena – for which he was arrested twice” and “violating a protective order, which stated he was to have NO CONTACT with Monica.”

The probation was from a 2010 arrest, when he violated a restraining order obtained by his ex wife Rachel Kneeland. He was supposed to behave for 3 full years, which he clearly failed to do.

Besides the many times he’s been arrested, Furlong has also been making headlines for his addiction to alcohol and drugs.

After the 2013 bust, his agent dropped him and he was also fired from a movie he was working on. Useless to say, but any thoughts he might have still had about making his comeback into film are just dreams at this point.

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