Edible Packaging for Hamburgers Helps Reduce Paper Waste

Brazilian fast-food chain encourages customers to eat food wrappings

Sustainable development and cutting down on the amounts of waste that our society produces are two things that happen to go hand in hand.

This is precisely why a fast-food chain in Brazil (Bob's) decided that it might not be such a bad idea to start selling their hamburgers in edible packaging.

Apparently, customers found the new green-oriented wrapping rather enjoyable and quite tasty, and almost everybody agreed to eat it, after sprinkling some salt, some pepper and adding some mayo.

Needless to say, Bob's management team found that the amounts of trash it previously had to deal with on a daily basis were significantly reduced, Inhabitat reports.

It is likely that this edible packaging was made from sugar or rice, yet Bob's chose to keep this piece of information to themselves.

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