Eddie Murphy Is Most Overpaid Actor in Hollywood

Forbes names comedian as the least value for money in movies

With the end of the year practically in sight, now’s the time when we get charts, tops and lists meant to provide an estimated account of 2012 in various fields. Where value for money in movies is concerned, Eddie Murphy doesn’t really cut it.

Forbes has released its annual list of most overpaid actors in Hollywood, with Murphy sitting pretty at its top, Examiner reports.

Also included are Katherine Heigl, Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock and Jack Black, all of whom still command pretty hefty paychecks but simply do not generate the same profit they once did.

Murphy, for instance, only makes $2.30 (€1.76) for every dollar (€0.76) he’s paid. This might not seem like too little, but Forbes notes that other stars return double, if not actually triple that amount.

Granted, with a fortune estimated at $75 million (€58.72 million), we might as well imagine Eddie isn’t exactly crying over this.

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