Ed Asner Angers Fox News Reporter with Pee Question – Video

Actor is called out on older propaganda video, reacts accordingly

Some time ago, actor Ed Asner voiced a propaganda video commissioned by the California Federation of Teachers, which showed a rich animated man relieving himself on the poor. Called out by Fox News on the video, the actor responded immediately.

A Fox News producer reached out to the actor to ask him about the ad, as the video above will confirm.

Initially, Asner says he doesn’t remember the ad or what it was all about, but he stresses that, if he agreed to do it, that must mean that he “approve[d] this message.”

Out of the blue then, he asks the Fox News reporter if he has any money. When he gets an answer in the affirmative, he candidly asks, “Can I [urinate] on you?”

Useless to say, Fox News’ Sean Hannity blew a fuse over the actor’s response, especially since the feud between the star and the network has been long standing.

You can see that too in the clip embedded above.

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