Eat More Cheese and Dairy to Lose Weight

But only with a low-calorie diet, study finds

Eating more cheese and dairy products may be the key to successful and rapid weight loss, Australian researchers have learned by means of a new study. However, adding greater amounts of dairy to an already unhealthy diet will make no difference whatsoever, as the secret is to go on a low-calorie diet as well, the British publication the Daily Mail points out.

Australian researchers gathered volunteers who were all put on a low-calorie diet. They were then divided in groups assigned varying quantities of dairy products. At the end of the study period, researchers found that subjects who had ingested larger quantities of cheese and dairy products had actually lost more weight than those at the opposite pole, whose consumption had been minimal. Nevertheless, as also noted above, they were all put on a low-calorie diet, and herein seems to lie the success of this type of diet.

“Those who increased their daily servings of dairy products from three to five lost the most weight. They also had lower blood pressure, the least tummy fat and ‘significantly improved’ their chances of avoiding heart disease and diabetes. The researchers, from Curtin University of Technology in Perth, said that although dairy products are widely perceived as being fatty, they have a place in the slimmer’s shopping basket.” the Mail writes of the findings of the study.

“Dieters, however, should still keep an eye on their fat and calorie intake. Cheese and other dairy products are high in protein, which helps us feel full quickly and speeds up the metabolism. Laura Wyness, of the British Nutrition Foundation, said dairy products were a good source of calcium and vitamins, as well as protein. However, she warned that cheeses can be high in salt and advised dieters to check labeling before buying.” the publication concludes by saying.

With that last mention in mind, health experts are urging slimmers to give cheese a try, together with a low-calorie diet. Yoghurt and other low-fat dairy products are also a welcome addition on their shopping list, of course.

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