'Eat For Free at Pizza Hut! ' Facebook Scam

'Make money' schemes are no different from the classic survey

Facebook members are promised a free meal at Pizza Hut in exchange for a few clicks, but don't be fooled by the delicious looking pizza shown in the pictures as you're not getting anything but a wall full of lies.

According to Graham Cluley, the scam is not blocked by Facebook so you and your friends can easily fall victim to the money making scheme.

“Take advantage of this special Pizza Hut offer! Receive a FREE pizza coupon today! Act quickly before the supply runs out. With only a few coupsons left, they'll go fast!,” reads the message that accompanies the ad.

Once the link is clicked, you are faced with a page that asks you to share the offer and write a comment that says “The greatest food!”.

You might think that next you'll be served the classic survey page, but actually, this one's a bit different. Instead of the poll you get a “Make money” site which asks you to sing-up to make easy profit.

There are many risks involved in such a plot. First of all, you unwillingly dupe all your friends into clicking the links, earning the cybercriminals tons of affiliate cash.

Then, by giving out your personal info, you risk your accounts being taken over by with the aid of the data you just handed over.

Finally, be sure that in these money making scams you don't actually earn any cash, but you help the masterminds behind the operation make a hefty profit.

I personally know many people that signed up for such programs and their enthusiasm quickly faded after they came to realize that all the clicking and sharing was done in vain as no money will ever land in their pockets.

Try not to fall for one of these hoaxes, no matter how appealing and realistic they sound. Since many people know of these frauds, those who launch them on the internet keep coming up with new offers and promise larger amounts, but the core of the scam remains the same.

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