Easy Tips to Learning to Walk in High Heels

Former ballet dancer says any woman can look as glamorous as a Hollywood star

Female celebrities have shown us on repeated occasions just how important a dashing pair of stilettos can be for an outfit. Moreover, because of this and the fact that they always make it look so easy, many of us could actually be deceived into believing that strutting in tottering heels can be a piece of cake – which is rarely the case. Former ballet dancer and founder of a style class on this, Sarah Toner, insists that, as hard as it may be at first, any woman can rock high heels, with just some practice and by following the guidelines below.

The first step (pun intended) we must take in the right direction is never to wait until going out to break out a new pair of shoes. Once we make our purchase and until we actually get to show it off, we have to “train” our feet and legs by wearing the shoes indoors. This way, Toner says, we will get accustomed to the shape of the shoe, as well as with the height of the heel, while the fabric eases a bit. To avoid getting blisters and sore feet, we should first wear the shoes with a pair of thicker socks for at least two hours after buying them.

Another useful tip would be not to go for the highest heels we see, especially if we’re not the type to don them on a regular basis. Toner recommends tackling the problem gradually, by first buying a pair with lower heels and then going up in inches, as we become more confident and we master the art of walking in high heels. In this sense, having several pairs of shoes with different types of heels would be a good idea, Toner says.

Speaking of confidence, we should all remember that this is what looking glamorous and elegant in tottering heels is all about. A stronger body means better balance, as it is accustomed to the effort and the strain heels put on the muscles, so exercising more often is a good idea as well at this point. To prevent thumping around in a very not lady-like manner, Toner advises us to turn the soles slightly outwards to have a better balance and ease the tension in the ankles by distributing some of it in the hips, which are much stronger.

On a final note, Toner says that taking our time in heels is also essential. The idea is not to look as if we’re about to break in half (more likely from the knees) or as if we’re walking on a wire, but to be graceful and more stylish. “Because of catwalk models, many of us think that strutting is the way to look glamorous in high heels, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Unless you want to stomp around ungracefully, you should remember to relax in your heels. The idea is to look effortless, not tense. […] The world is a busy place and to glide through it in a slow and relaxed manner might just give you that je ne sais quoi you have always desired.” Toner concludes by saying.

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